30th Fast Software Encryption Conference

March 25-29, 2024

Leuven, Belgium

Rump Session


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Call for Proposals

The FSE 2024 rump session will be great again! We solicit short and entertaining talks on any topic that is of interest to the FSE community. This includes groundbreaking results, results that don't break the ground, funny presentations, hilarious songs, and the like. To encourage you all to submit hilarious talks, there will be special prizes. This includes, and may or may not be limited to, the Best Rump Talk Award!

Submission Guidelines

Time constraints: 1-4 minutes for serious talks, 1-5 minutes for funny talks. In both cases, a bonus minute can be earned if the MD5 or SHA-1 of the submission PDF ends with "f5e2024". Submissions who satisfy this criterion for both MD5 and SHA-1 will participate in a lottery for a special prize.

Make your submission to this HotCRP instance by Tuesday, 26 March 2024, 10:00:00 Leuven time.

Late submissions are allowed, but not guaranteed to be included. Nonetheless, you can update the PDF of your slides until 13:00:00 local time.

Advertisement talks for job opportunities or conferences are restricted to a single slide, except if they include jokes.

A final reminder: do not play copyrighted music as part of your talks. Yes, we're serious. Yes, we know it's a bummer. Since the rump session is recorded and posted on YouTube, if you play copyrighted music, the IACR YouTube account is at risk of being shut down. Please don't put us at risk!

Detailed Instructions

Rump Session Chairs

Rump Session Program

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