FSE 2020

November 9-13 2020


Rump Session


FSE 2020 Rump Session Opening
Bart Mennink, Brice Minaud
Speaker: Brice Minaud  
Program Chair Report
Itai Dinur, Gaëtan Leurent, Yu Sasaki
Speaker: Gaëtan Leurent  
Steering Committee
Speaker: Anne Canteaut  
FSE 2022
Speaker: Christina Boura  
How to Win Duck-Related Prizes?
Saturnin team
Speaker: María Naya-Plasencia  
Open Source Framework for Hybrid Homomorphic Encryption
Lukas Helminger, Daniel Kales, Christian Rechberger, Roman Walch
Speaker: Roman Walch  
Comparative ASIC Synthesis Benchmarking of a Group of NIST LWC Candidates
Mustafa Khairallah, Thomas Peyrin, Anupam Chattopadhyay
Speaker: Mustafa Khairallah  
Camille Noûs
Yann Rotella
Speaker: Yann Rotella  
Support KangarooTwelve at CFRG!
Benoît Viguier, Gilles Van Assche, Joan Daemen
Speaker: Joan Daemen  
Update on the LowMC/Picnic Cryptanalysis Competition
Speaker: Christian Rechberger  
Announcement of Prize Winners
Bart Mennink, Brice Minaud
Speaker: Bart Mennink, Brice Minaud

Call for Proposals

This year's FSE 2020 rump session will be virtual! So bring your own morning/noon/evening ouzo, wherever you are, and join us for an unforgettable rump session! We solicit short and entertaining talks on any topic that is of interest to the FSE community. This includes groundbreaking results, results that don't break the ground, funny presentations, hilarious songs, and the like.

To encourage you all to send in and give humorous talks, prizes will be handed out (we ship worldwide). This includes, and may or may not be limited to: Best Rump Talk Award and Highest Quiz Score Award. Prize hint: encrypted snacks!

Submission Guidelines

Time constraints for funny talks: 1-6 minutes

Time constraints for serious talks: 4 minutes, with a bonus minute if all math in the slides only uses Greek parameters ($\alpha$, $\beta$, \ldots)

Submission deadline: Wednesday 11 November 2020 07:26:23 UTC. Late submissions are allowed, but not guaranteed to be included.


The rump session will be run via Zoom and will be live simulcast on YouTube and both video and slides will be made available online to the wider world afterwards. The act of submitting will be taken as your consent to these terms. Note that it is your responsibility as a rump session contender that no plagiarism or copyright infringements take place. Do not play copyrighted music as part of your talk under any circumstances. If you aren't sure, it's probably copyrighted.

Speakers will be asked to share their own screen at the time of the talk. To reduce the talk-switching time, we encourage all the speakers to locally practice screen sharing on Zoom. Upon request we will also offer a practice session for users unfamiliar with Zoom, please indicate as part of your submission.

When Submitting a Proposal

With your submission, you will need to include the following:

  • Title
  • Authors
  • Requested duration
  • Category (dead-serious; serious, but also funny; pure joke)
Please note that advertisement talks for job opportunities or conferences are restricted to a single slide, except if they include jokes.

Detailed Instructions

  1. All speakers are strongly encouraged to use the desktop client to connect to the session; the web client can have sound and screen sharing issues.
  2. We expect speakers to be in the Zoom session at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of their contribution. We will announce the running order well in advance.
  3. We will send a private message via Zoom to signal the speaker(s) to be ready shortly before the start time of their talk. The speaker should be prepared to be share their screen and start talking after being introduced by us live on the stream.
  A final reminder: do not play copyrighted music as part of your talks. Yes, we're serious. Yes, we know it's a bummer. Since the rump session is recorded and posted on YouTube, if you play copyrighted music, the IACR YouTube account is at risk of being shut down. Please don't put us at risk!

Rump Session Chairs