FSE 2023

March 20-24 2023

Beijing, China

There will be a mirror event hosted in Kobe, Japan for attendees who are unable to travel to the main event in Beijing, China. There is also a virtual attendance option. There may be information specific to the event, depending on venue, so please be sure to check those pages (linked above).

Fast Software Encryption (FSE) 2023 will take place in Beijing, China on March 20-24 2023. FSE 2023 is the 29th annual conference that is widely recognized as the internationally leading event in the area of symmetric cryptology. Since 2002, FSE is organized by the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR), a global organization with more than 1600 members that brings together researchers in cryptology.

FSE focuses on fast and secure primitives for symmetric cryptography, that form the workhorse for all applications of cryptography (e.g., AES, SHA-2 and SHA-3). The event covers a broad range of practical and theoretical topics including the design and analysis of block ciphers, stream ciphers, encryption schemes, hash functions, message authentication codes, authenticated encryption schemes, cryptanalysis and evaluation tools, and secure implementations. The FSE conference event offers you the unique opportunity to meet more than 170 experts from across academia and industry.

Website Updates

Mar 17 2023

It's time to start thinking about your rump session presentations

Mar 14 2023

Read more about our invited speakers

Mar 2 2023

More information about the respective banquets and excursions in Beijing and in Kobe is now available

Feb 28 2023

Special hotel rates for the event in Beijing have been posted

Feb 17 2023

Registration is open for all attendance locations (Beijing, Kobe, and virtual)

Feb 14 2023

A more complete version of the program is now up

Feb 6 2023

The accepted papers and a tentative program have been added

Jan 26 2023

Information about the FSE Test of Time award has been added

Jan 17 2023

There is updated information on obtaining a visa to travel to China, as well as further information about the Japanese event.

Jan 14 2023

Updated information on the main event to take place in Beijing, China and the mirror event to take place in Kobe, Japan is now available. There is also a virtual attendance option These pages will be updated, with changes that may not always be announced on this page.

Jan 12 2023

Announcing a mirror event in Kobe, Japan and a virtual option.

Mar 29 2022

Website launched with up-to-date call for papers page