FSE 2023

March 20-24 2023

Beijing, China

Rump Session

The program for the rump session is now included in the general program.

Call for Contributions

If you would like to advertise a new (hopefully) interesting result, an (obviously) unfairly rejected paper that you submitted to eprint, a new conference, some new cryptanalysis, or even some jokes, and if you keep your talk short (and entertaining), you can submit your presentation below. Remote participants are welcome to join and remote presentations will be allowed.

We are planning to reward the best talk(s) according to the following metrics: entertaining, informative, and musical.

Submission Guidelines

Time constraints: 1-5 minutes, 6 minutes if very funny

Submission deadline: Tuesday 21 March 2023 7:00 UTC (that's 15:00 Beijing time or 16:00 Kobe time, for those who don't constantly have a time zone calculator in front of them)


Please submit your slides in PDF format. With your submission, you will need to include the following:

Detailed Instructions

  1. This rump session will be held as a hybrid session. Remote speakers are strongly encouraged to use the desktop client to connect to the session.
  2. We expect speakers to be in the Zoom session at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of their contribution. We will announce the running order well in advance.
  3. We will send a private message via Zoom to signal remote speaker(s) to be ready shortly before the start time of their talk. The speaker should be prepared to be share their screen and start talking after being introduced by us.
A final reminder: do not play copyrighted music as part of your talks. Yes, we're serious. Yes, we know it's a bummer. Since the rump session is recorded and posted on YouTube, if you play copyrighted music, the IACR YouTube account is at risk of being shut down. Please don't put us at risk!

Rump Session Chairs

fse2023rumpsession at iacr.org